3 Steps to Overpowering Fear

Let’s talk about that crazy word “fear” again. Why do we spend so much time on fear? The reason why, fear is a part of life and will never go away. It’s the tool used to make sure we’re avoiding forceable dangers. Unfortunately, fear doesn’t have the ability to decipher when a situation is harmful.

This is why there’s so many different articles, blogs, books on handling fear. With that said this blog is no different from the rest and we’re going to discuss how to overpower it. Yes, overpower and not eliminate because fear will last the test of time. The trick is to change your mindset and use it as a tool for success.

Here are 3 steps to overpowering fear for advancing to the next level in any area of your life.

Step 1: Acknowledgement

The first step to overpowering fear is to simply acknowledge that you’re fearful. Do this by simply saying it out loud, writing it down, or confiding to a close friend. Despite your method of acknowledgement, once the light shines on it the fear you’re having is immediately diminished. Automatically, you’ll ask yourself “why am I so fearful of…” which is the perfect transition to the next step.

Step 2: Worst Case Scenario

Once you ask and answer the question mentioned above it’s time to write out the worst case scenario. Take the time to explore then write out the worst that can happen if you were to move past fear and take action anyway. Let me tell you writing out the worst case really puts things into perspective. Quickly you’ll realize that the worst case is really not the worst case!

Step 3: Reflection

As mentioned before fear is a part of life which means that it pops up all the time. That thing you’re fearful of right now is not your first time dealing with it. So think back to the last time you kicked fears butt. Of course you remember the last time you were to afraid to (fill in the blank) and you did it anyway. Afterwards, to your surprise you survived and didn’t die! I’m willing to bet that you were so happy that you took action and (fill in the blank). As a result, you had a confidence boost. Did I hit the nail on the head?

These 3 simple steps to overpowering fear are easy to remember, simple to follow, and adaptable to any situation. All it takes is courage and the willingness to do something different.

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“A rising tide lifts all boats” JFK

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3 Words That Will Disrupt Your Life

Words are powerful. They can and will motivate you to do something you’ve never thought you’ll do. Words can and will stop you from doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing. When words are spoken from someone that’s important to you they become empowering. The catch is that some of us don’t use our own words to motivate, encourage, and empower ourselves.

There are 3 words frequently used when a situation or circumstance requires change to happen. Instead of embracing change these words are used, consequently, causing major disruption. Now in some cases disruption is good because it forces change to happen. But in this instance we’re talking about the disruption that’s paralyzing.

The 3 words that will disrupt your life every time you use them are:


As a child, my late Grandmother would always say to me “can’t  is not a word” every time it came out of my mouth. That simple phrase stuck with me all my life and has helped me move past some very tough barriers. Having those simple words in the back of my mind throughout the years has forced me to take action.

Do you know what happens when a sentence starts with “I can’t”? Those two words literally take you out of the running before the race gets started. It’s impossible to know you “can’t” do something if you never take action. “I can’t” is an automatic verbal reaction when it’s time to stepping outside your comfort zone. Yes, I get it’s all comfy and cozy within the comfort zone but success requires being uncomfortable.


Now “try” is a little tricky because some may believe it promotes possibility. In reality the word gives off lack of confidence and promotes inaction.It’s the subtle but acceptable way to ease the pressure from doing what’s uncomfortable. Every time this word is used you’re saying to yourself “not now, later” instead of “now, later may never come”.

Many opportunities have been passed up because someone lacks the inner confidence to move fearfully. Yes, it’s possible to move while fearful and still make your dreams happen. Why? The answer is simple: because you took action.

Think about it action and confidence go hand in hand. The more action you take the more your confidence grows. The more your confidence grows the more action you take. But you’ll never get there if you only “try” to do it.


Recently, I started listening to the 5 Second Rule on audible by Mel Robbins. The book talks about how it takes 5 seconds to talk yourself out of taking action. So, I got to thinking about the word maybe.

There have been plenty of times I’ve taken action without thinking. Certainly, I’ve passed up many opportunities by taking more than 5 seconds to think about it. Then there are other times when I’ve used the word “maybe” putting myself in limbo about a decision.

When in limbo there’s a lot of over thinking that happens and it leaves the door open for self doubt. Every time “maybe” is used it means that a decision is put on hold until something “magical” happens.

Well what if the “magic” never happens? Now you’ve missed out on an opportunity that could have moved you to the next level. With that said, “maybe” doesn’t count. The next time the urge to respond saying “maybe” comes up simply say either yes or no.

There are many unconscious mental blocks that prevents progress. These blocks go unnoticed because they’re designed to protect us from fear. However, fear is a part of life. With that said, in the words of Tony Robbins, “learn to dance with fear”.

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3 Leadership Principles to Enhance Your Business

At the beginning of the year I set two major personal goals for myself: do things differently and work on my spiritual relationship. So far I’ve held on tight to these goals and make a conscious effort every day to stick to them.

Expectantly, my life and business is constantly growing and evolving because of these goals. One way to work on my spiritual relationship is to study the word every morning. It’s my goal to get up early every morning study but I’m human.

This week I’ve started a study plan on my YouVersion bible app called “Bible on Business”. Today only marks day 4 and it’s been such a blessing already. As a matter of fact, I’m reading at least 2 days at a time.

If you don’t mind I’ll like to share day 5 with you and prayerfully it will bless you too. Enjoy!

Resolute Leadership

I’ve always been intrigued by Luke’s phrase “and Jesus fixes his face for Jerusalem” )9:51). Others have translated this action as “resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” Regardless of the translation, it is clear Jesus adopted a posture of focus on the mission and he calls business leaders to do the same. If we’re going to follow Jesus in this manner, let us consider three leadership principles from this passage:

         1. Good leaders know the mission.

Throughout Luke 9, we see Jesus reveal significant aspects of his character and work to the followers. Although often misunderstood, the gospels paint a picture of Jesus as one with clear purpose and passion-that he pursued resolutely.

        2. Good leaders pursue a purpose beyond themselves.

From the miracles to Simon Peter’s proclamation to the Apostles debate over greatness, Luke 9 weaves together several instances where Jesus could have easily decided to pursue his own greatness. In fact, it seems the disciples in their misunderstanding actually believed this to be His intent. In the end, Jesus knew his purpose was to pursue the will of the Father and only in His “leastness” would “greatness” be found (9:48).

         3. Good leaders strive for goals that require the work of others.

Luke opens chapter nine with Jesus’ commissioning of the Twelve and follows with multiple instances of Jesus doing work requiring their participation. From managing the crowds (9:13-17) to conversation about His identity (9:18-27), the disciples were integral to Jesus’ mission.

So, the work of business leaders is to build culture and lead organizations that create value. In order to do these things, Jesus’ lessons from Luke 9 encourage us to (1) be clear on the mission, (2) make sure that the mission is more than our personal gain and (3) pursue goals big enough to require the work of others.

Dale Gauthreaux teaches leadership and organizational behavior at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business in Atlanta, GA.

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Answers to 3 Life Questions

There are 3 life questions that surely we’ve all asked ourselves a time or two. For some of us these questions have gone unanswered for so long that depression and low self esteem have taken over. Every one of us wants to feel appreciated, loved and know that we matter.

Depending on life’s circumstances finding value or validation is searched for in all the wrong places. What if I’ve told you there’s answers to the questions that have kept you from excelling in life? There are answers that will give you all the love, encouragement, and motivation needed to move to the next level.

As you may know I’ve been studying The Faith Dare by Doris Aldorf for the last 12 weeks with my church study group. This book is life changing and the challenges presented were right on time. It’s not a coincidence that when I vowed to work on my spiritual relationship this book came into my life.

In particular day 17 impacted me the most and I must share that day with you as well. The questions discussed in the video below have plagued me throughout my life also. Nope I’m not immuned to the enemy’s tricks which is why it’s important to stay alert. The key to staying alert is by strengthening your spiritual relationship.

The more spiritually grounded you are the more you’re equipped to deal with life’s little hiccups. Unfortunately, we all have our test and trials to face but know it’s a part of God’s plan to get you to purpose.

It’s my pleasure to share with you the answers to life’s 3 questions that will change your mindset forever. As your Sister Coach it’s my duty to make sure you’re equipped with the tools to win! In the video below, I’ll reveal the answers you seek and how to apply them to your life.

Answers to 3 Life Questions:

If you have not read the book The Faith Dare please do so. It’s an amazing book from beginning to end that will help to sharpen your faith.

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Netflix & Chill by Your*DAMN*Self!

One of the most popular coined phrases tossed around for Netflix is #netflixandchill. It simply means to chill with your beau, snuggle up, and watch a good movie. But what if you don’t have a beau to cuddle up with at the moment?

netflix According to the US Census Bureau, in 2015 53% of unmarried residents 18 years and older are women. Now some may gasp at that statistic because it’s very high and some not so much because it’s not surprising. But does it mean it’s alarming? Not so fast…

This high percentage could very well mean that women are taking more time to live their lives, establish their careers, and pursue their education before starting a family. In my personal opinion, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So if I just described you and you haven’t met your beau just yet then why not Netflix and chill by yourself.

Here are a few of my favs that you are sure to enjoy.

The Secret

The Law of Attraction. This documentary is a must see when you have absolutely NO distractions! Please do not make my mistake and start watching while doing cardio on the treadmill. LOL!! It’s important to soak up every word and then watch it again to catch what you missed.

What happened Ms. Simmone?

Women who rule the screen. Need another reason to love being a strong talented woman? If so, this documentary is filled with strength, talent, survivorship, come back, and taking a stand all while being a woman.


Progress or nah? Remember when I said don’t watch the documentary while on the treadmill? Well that statement pertains to this documentary too. As a matter of fact, I never made it to the weights because I wanted to continue watching. This documentary, for me, was a reminder, eye opener, and reality check on where we truly are in this country. Instead of keeping up with the Kardashians why not stand up for social justice.

Santa Carita Diet

If you need #relationshipgoals then this Netflix original series is for you…well not really. However, this is a funny comedy that takes you away from reality for 30 minutes. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are hilarious and fun while keeping you entertained and wanting more.

The Wiz

Old School Family. If you need a flash from the past with an all star cast then The Wiz is PERFECT! This movie is definitely a favorite and one to watch over and over again never getting tired. It’s a movie that even your kids will love and enjoy. The cast includes MJ, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Richard Pryor just to name a few.

Sons of Anarchy

How does bad boys and motorcycles sound to you? If that’s your thing then you’ll love it!! The best part is all 7 seasons are ready and waiting for you to binge watch.

There you have it the perfect recommendations for enjoying an evening of Netflix by yourDAMNself! Always make spending time with self or self-care in general a priority for having a healthy relationship later.

Now tell me which Netflix movies or series you like to watch alone?

Efficiency: Blessing or Curse?

We all have certain characteristics that we consider a blessing and other traits a curse. Which category does efficiency fall in for you: blessing or curse? This question is posed after listening to a TD Jakes’ sermon on YouTube. Listening to his sermons always have me shouting at my desk and picks me up when the enemy has their thumb on me.


What helps you stay in a positive mental space?


This particular sermon spoke to me because he said something that was profound. Immediately, I had to rewind the video to make sure I heard correctly. To find out exactly what he said you must watch the video below. What he said is something that I’ve experienced many times before and still do from time to time.

Due to the lack of support, I’ve created my own network of women who are my sisters to keep me motivated, inspired, and encouraged. Who do you have in your corner? Are you the person everyone seeks for help? When you need that same assistance in return who do you turn to?

These are some very important questions to ponder over. If you are struggling to answer any of these questions then watch the video below. If you have answered “no” to any of these questions, make sure to watch the video to get the help that you need.

No matter your situation either favorable or not so favorable you deserve to have the support needed to face life challenges. There’s a force working to keep us in bondage and blind to the purpose that’s assigned to our life. But there is a way to get the clarity you need to succeed.

The Answer:

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You are Enough and your Truth is BEAUTIFUL


12 Signs You’re Blocking Your Own Blessings

It's very easy to stand in your own way blocking our own blessings. Surprisingly, it happens more often than not.

Most times when we're fearful of moving forward it's a mental block. We all have mental blocks every now and then which is why surrounding yourself with positivity is so important.

Time and time again fear rears it's ugly head and have you doubting your decisions. When it pops up we start to tell ourselves something is not possible, too difficult, or just simply out of our reach. Starting today I want you to get out of your own head because you're feeding your self conscious untruths about your abilities and what you deserve. Stop taking yourself out the running before the race can get started.

It's not easy to notice when you're standing in your own way and blocking your blessings.

Here are 12 signs for you to look out for when it's time to switch things up.

blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing blessing

Confidence Builder: There’s a place for YOU!

We have a message for you today to help build confidence for presenting your unique self to this world. You are called for a purpose and someone is waiting on you to walk in your greatness. 

Your confidence is beautiful

It’s easy to let go of your goals and dreams when there’s others doing it better, faster, and cheaper. Stop comparing yourself to them and focusing on your contribution to this world.

We all have a gift and a purpose to contribute and it’s your duty to follow through. Think of the many lives you’ll touch just by having the conviction to walk in your truth.

Take a moment to invest in yourself by signing up for a FREE Sister Pep Talk with your Sister Coach. The Pep Talk is designed to give you the motivation and inspiration needed for moving forward to self-discovery.

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How to Refocus, Refresh, Restart your Dating Life!

Last month we introduced our Refocus, Refresh, Restart Challenge for helping you to stay on track for goals you set at the beginning of the year. Also, to give you an opportunity to hit the reset button 6 months from now when life happens and your dreams take a backseat. It’s never too late to start the challenge. All you have to do is click Join the RRR-Challenge. Well here’s how to turn those principles into the rules of dating just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Having a successfully dating life is about you just as much as it is about him. Believe it or not, but dating starts with self-reflection and evaluation. With that said, before you start dating anyone you must invoke these 3 rules.

The first rule of dating is to Refocus.

You must refocus your time and energy on what’s going on in the present. Most times we harp way too long on the wrongs of the old guy and end up bringing that baggage to the new relationship. Take your time to get passed what happen with the old guy so you can realign your focus on what’s important now: getting mentally prepared for the new beau!

The second rule of dating to Refresh.

When every relationship ends it’s best to renew your mindset for a better outlook on dating. Every relationship is different because every guy is different but it only takes that one guy to change your entire perspective. What’s the old saying when a guy has you wrapped around his finger? I believe it’s “he’s got your nose wide open”.

If the last guy has you bitter and never wanting to date another dude again, then it’s time to refresh. It’s always a good idea to take a break from the dating scene to concentrate on self to recharge before getting back on the scene. This is especially true after an intense long-term relationship.

The third and final rule for dating is to simply Restart.

After you’ve refocus your time and energy on the present; took the time to refresh your outlook on dating naturally it’s time to restart. Remember each date begins with a new start. A new start that can lead you to your “Adam”.

With that said, change your mindset about starting over on the dating scene because it doesn’t signify failure. Actually the opposite is true, it means you have another chance to allow your true love to find you.



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3 Survival Tips for Single Ladies on Valentine’s Day

For some reason Valentine’s Day is only for lovers. Who made that rule? It’s 2017 and we’re switching things up and doing something different. Yes, this is coming from a married woman but I was single at one point. Single ladies can have fun too and should not feel left out or alienated.


Here are 3 survival tips for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Stop feeling bad about being alone! Let me say being single is not a sin. Most of you are probably working on your education, career, or self before starting a serious relationship. This is a GREAT thing because being a whole first helps eliminate so many issues.
  2. Hang with your girlfriend! Okay so you prefer not have lunch or dinner on this day by yourself. No problem, I get it. If this is the case then have lunch or dinner with your girlfriend. You never know how many guys you may bump into just hanging out with your cute self!
  3. Turn the focus on someone else! Instead of moping around and feeling down about not having a relationship turn your focus on someone else. Surely, you can think of at least one person who can use your help, advice, or company. Sometimes it’s not all about you!

Valentine’s Day is the day we dedicate to showing our partners how much we love them right. Technically you should do this daily but hey no one is perfect so why not have a reminder. There are no rules on who you can express your love to like your mom, sister, brother, aunt, Sister Coach…okay maybe not your Sister Coach but you get my drift.

Change your mindset about Valentine’s Day and make it about what benefits you! Go ahead and throw the status quo out the window and follow your own motto. Turn Valentine’s Day into a day that is enjoyable for you and get some girlfriends involved on the action.

Who cares about what everyone else is doing to celebrate the occasion? Why not make everyone else feel envious about not being single; instead of being jealous of not having a beau. Let’s stop falling victim to the mentality that we need to do, feel, and act like everyone else.

Haven’t you heard? You are ENOUGH and your Truth is BEAUTIFUL honey! Now act like it!