3 Ways to Burst through Mindset Blocks

Mindset blocks are little bumps in our journey that cause us to doubt ourselves or give up. Just in case you didn’t know, giving up is NOT an option. Getting stuck on the journey to living in your truth is something that we all go through so it’s no excuse for you.

Mindset blocks will happen and in the worst most inconvenient way. But you must persevere and push yourself through because YOU are the first line of defense. Majority of the time mindset blocks happens when we’re adventuring outside our comfort zone. It happens because it’s new territory and the unknown is scary.

In order to get you past your mindset blocks here are a few tips. Remember an open mind a willingness to keep going is very important.

First look for the lesson in every failure. It’s normal for something not to go write no matter how much you prepare or effort put forth. This is ok because it’s a part of life. When your plan doesn’t go accordingly, take it as a lesson to learn what you didn’t know. Use each experience as a guide to get closer your purpose.


Secondly, you must embrace change because change is inevitable. Every thing and person goes through a “change” because it’s the cycle of life. If we constantly fight change then growth will never happen. Change is not bad it’s good so it’s time to stop demonizing it. Think about it, from the time you were born until you went through “change” correct? The same applies to your circumstances.

Last but certainly not least, we must confront unresolved pain. Pain that goes unresolved and ignore is the worst pain ever. It may seem like you’ve tucked it away but that pain will set the foundation for the decisions you make in your life. It’s important to receiving for the pain we’ve suffered in order to grow and advance in every area of our lives.

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As your Sister Coach, it’s my job to make sure you have the support and encouragement needed to burst through your mindset blocks. Having someone to help you push past life struggles is beautiful and you have that support with your Sister Coach. Let’s link up today because we have more in common than you think.


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How to Build Confidence?

To live authentically in the world today takes a lot of confidence. We have access to so much information in the palm of our hands that it’s a good and bad thing. It’s good because we never have to live in the unknown again. Why? Because there’s a such thing as Wi-fi.

Having access to so much information is bad because some of us don’t know how to decipher it for ourselves. Some of us don’t have the “confidence” to live in our own truth no matter how much information is bombarding us on a daily basis.

With that said it takes a lot of courage to live boldly without limits. Today I’m going to help you live a more courageous life by giving my 5 top tips for building courage.

Tip No. 1 – Take then Reflect


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Now this is sort of an odd tip right? Let me explain further, “take” action because the more you do the more you’ll build resiliency. Resiliency helps you to stand firm against roadblocks. Then you must “reflect” on what you’ve gone through and overcame when self doubt tried to creep in.

Reflection is most important because for some reason we tend to forget that we’ve already conquered some really bad *ish. It’s important to take a moment of reflection in order to get that motivation you need when doubt kicks in.

Tip No. 2 – Make a commitment to Yourself

Too many times we drop the ball when it comes to ourselves we simply need to make a commitment. The same commitment you put into getting that project completed on time at work is the same commitment required for yourself.

Your job and dare I say family are not more important than your needs, wants, and desires. When you’re happy and fulfilled then everyone around you is too because they’re getting the best of you and they’re better for it.

Tip No. 3 – Embrace Change

Sorry there’s no way you can live a life confident of yourself without embracing change. This is a no brainer based off the two previous tips alone. You have to change your way of thinking, perspective, and/or inner circle in order to have the life you want.

Notice I did NOT say change who you are because being your true self is the secret to a prosperous life. Changing your circumstance is when you’re elevated to the next level.The more we embrace change the less scary the unknown becomes and we become more confident about what’s to come.

Tip No. 4 – Move in silence

For some reason you may feel that a public service announcement is necessary every time you do something. Well it’s not! If you have a bunch of naysayers on your Facebook page then why share your aspirations. As matter of fact get new Facebook friends because the people that take up your time and energy will have either a positive or negative effect on you.


Tip No. 5 – Take responsibility for your actions

Oops did that hurt?! If it did I’m not sorry. Too many of you are not taking responsibility for your actions and blaming everyone else for what’s not going right. The tools, gifts, and ideas needed to take your life to that next level is already in you. All you have to do is take responsibility for your actions in order to move forward.


This is a true story. One day I was talking to one of my besties because for some reason I fell into a rut. If you’re an entrepreneur then you know bad days happen pretty often right. So this day was no different but instead of “babying” my feelings my bestie said, “if your business fails then I blame you because it’s your fault.”

Och! Harsh right? Wrong! It’s exactly what he should had said in order to get me back in the game. Honestly, I appreciated him for saying it and all I can say is “you’re absolutely right”. At the end of the day God gave me the vision that I have so it’s my job to act on it.

Now I get building confidence is not an overnight feat and Lord knows I wish it was. But I’m here to help you so click on the pictures below to get the help you need.


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Whew that low point! It’s a touchy subject right?! If so, why? We all go through the cycle of ups and downs because that’s life. But why are we so quick to beat ourselves up instead of being open and honest about what’s going on.

Why are we so afraid to share what we’re going through when others are experiencing similar circumstances and we can support each other. Life struggles are unbiased and will affect each and every one of us.

So today I’m breaking the silence to share my recovery process when I hit a low point. Oh wait, are you shocked to find out I hit low points time to time? I just said that we all have them and that includes me.

When you’re at your lowest point I need you to do three things: Stop, Start, & Go.

Stop caring about what others think.

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Most times we’re caring way too much about what someone thinks that it propels us in a downward spiral. Free yourself of stress, frustration, and headache by letting people have their opinions. Someone else’s opinion is not your business.

Start encouraging yourself and lean more on your higher power.

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While in those dark places we tend to forget about God. We forget about all that He’s done prior and slowly start to rely on our own understanding. In our lowest point is when we need to focus more on our faith for breaking through the darkness.

Go take action because no one holds you back but YOU.

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Just do what you want to do because that’s what going to make you happy. Do the things that bring you joy. Then do those things over and over again. Your happiness plays a key part in the quality of support given to your family. Only when you’re full of joy can you pass it along to love ones.

Give yourself permission to have happiness and joy. Once you’ve granted yourself permission, don’t chastise yourself for having it. We’re all capable of having a joyous life but we have to make the decision and then stick to it. Be the example someone needs to mimic to have joy and happiness in their life.


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How to be Authentic Online 4 Tips on Being You Online

No matter how you slice it or dice it the internet is here to stay. It’s becoming more and more apart of our way of life. Future Woodard babies will only know the internet and live their life online. Who you are online is just as important as who you are in person.

For starters, once something is online it’s there forever. It’s imperative that we’re cognizant of our online persona. Additionally, we must teach future generations how to present themselves online instead of treating online activity as taboo.

Simple, simple tips on how to be authentic online in order to build communities and have a positive impact on the world.

Self Awareness

Know who you are and fall in love with that person. This will help you stay true to yourself and not pick up other’s personalities. The perfect course to help you with this is my Discover Your Truth Course. Click the picture below for more info.

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Be the same person offline online

Who you are in this moment is enough and worthy to have a platform online. If it takes longer than someone else to build your community that’s OK. It should take a while to build your community because you want a community that will support you for the long haul.

Transparency builds connection

This is how you become relatable to others by sharing your personal experiences.We’re alike in so many ways but how would your community know that if you don’t share it. Now I’m not saying air out your dirty laundry but there’s a way to do it tactfully without causing embarrassment.

Share your passion online

You’re the most authentic when talking and doing what you’re passionate about. Trying to do what Tamika does online is hard because 1. You’re not passionate about it and 2 it makes you seem fake. There’s 7 billion people, give or take, on this planet I promise someone has the same interests as you so stick to what you love.

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Stop caring about what the naysayers think

No matter what you do someone will always have something negative to say. So you might as well be just be you and give them something juicy to talk about.


Do you have anything to add to this list? If so leave your comment below so we can continue the conversation.


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Are You a Proverbs 31 Business Woman?

The only goal on my vision board for this year is “God’s will”. That’s it because all I want is for God’s will for my life to manifest. In order to stay proactive so His will can manifest in life I’ve made a conscious decision to do things differently along my spiritual journey.

Two main practices I’ve implemented  are meditation and daily devotionals. Meditation and spiritual devotionals have done wonders for keeping me in a positive mindset and attracting positivity into my life and business.

The devotion plan that really resonated with me was the “31 Days to More Faithful Work”. This devotional talks about how a Businesswoman is portrayed according to Proverbs 31. It simply broke down some verses in Proverbs 31 and translated them into business terminology we can understand today.

Here are three translations that stood out to me:

Proverbs 31:16 She considers a field and buys it;

Translation: She does a market assessment and invests.

Proverbs 31:16 Out of her earnings she plants a vineyard

Translation: She makes a profit and reinvests. She sees that her trading is profitable, she keeps books and manages cash flow.

Proverbs 31:24   She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.

Translations: She has set up a supply chain.

It amazed me how instructions on how to live as a Wife and Businesswoman of noble character was all in the same verse. The answers we seek are there waiting for us to discover them but we must search with intention.

This further explains that we all have a calling that includes being of service to each other. If for any reason confusion sets in Proverbs 31 is the place to get the clarity needed on how to move forward.

You can find these translations and others by studying the “31 Days to More Faithful Work” devotional.

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4 Tips for Staying Focused

Towards the end of 2016, I made a decision not to travel in 2017 unless it was for business purposes. This was my way of saving money and redirecting my efforts and commitment to the success of my business, A Sister’s Truth. For me this was a HUGE sacrifice because I loooooove to travel.

However, it was a sacrifice I was willing to make because Living My Truth is not just about me. It’s about the Millions of women that need a Sister to journey through this game we call life. As a matter of fact, your Truth is also about the impact you’ll make on the world.

Like clockwork, the enemy got busy and started to challenge my commitment. 


Maybe a month later, a friend reached out about planning a couple’s trip to Jamaica. Now let me give you a full disclosure, I said Yes and started planning for that trip. Well the Lord had a different plan because my friend had to cancel.

Since it’s evident you’ll have the same experience here are a few tips to stay on track.

  1. Hang goal reminders around the house in key areas so it stays in the forefront of your mind.
  2. Say no because it’s a complete sentence. Giving in opens the floodgates for more distractions.
  3. Reduce the amount of time spent on personal social media pages and just stick to your business pages for a while. This way you’re not constantly bombarded with everything everyone else is doing that you put on hold temporarily.
  4. Focus on building relationships with like minded people who will motivate you to stay on purpose. It’s easier to stay committed when those around you are doing the same thing.

Writing this post was important because my commitment instantly opened my eyes to friends traveling, buying new cars, redecorating their homes, etc. Everything you can imagine someone doing started to bogged down my view. As a result, a recommitment is needed every day to ensure my goal is met.

A bonus tip for you is something I started doing to revisit later. Right now, in the midst of the sacrifice, it’s hard to stay focused because you want to indulge in life’s pleasures. So I decided to list every sacrifice for 2017 to get to my goal. The list is called “AST came first”. Five years from now when I look back on this list it will serve as a reminder that my hard work and sacrifice was worth it.


Try this for yourself and let me know how it works for you. This will work for any time frame but for me it’s for a year. If you need additional support and tools like this then sign up for one on one Sister Coaching.

Share and leave your comment below so we can keep the conversation going.

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self love

4 Ways to Love Yourself More

Love yourself first. How many times have we’ve heard this piece of advice? How many times have we tossed this advice to the side?

Everything you do for other people starts with loving yourself first. Everything that God has done for us is based on Him loving you. Why would you not love yourself?

Now I understand that you “love” yourself it’s just that you “love” your family, friends, associates, strangers more. Right? Wrong! That same love you pour into everyone else must get pour into you as well.

If not you then who. Who will love you?

Here are 4 ways to love yourself more:

Fuel your heart by saying I love you in the mirror every day. This may sound and feel really silly but it works. If you can’t look yourself in the eye say I love you and mean it no one else can. It starts with you!

Fuel your body with healthy foods and exercise. Your body is your temple and it’s imperative to treat it as such. Are you the type of person that only puts premium gas in your car? If so then put premium fuel into your body.

Fuel your mind with positive books and TV shows. These days it seems reality and social media are here to stay but that doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to it. Monitor what you’re reading and viewing and make it count towards uplifting and inspiring you to do better. One of my favorite shows to watch is Super Soul Sunday thanks to my little sister! When I get discouraged it pulls me out of the dumps immediately!


Fuel your soul with meditation and prayer for a spiritual connection. This year I’ve made a conscious effort to meditate and pray more and there’s a difference in me. Being spiritually connected to my God has only improved my life and increased my patience. Quite honestly, it also made the bullseye on my back bigger for the enemy. However, I’m more equipped to deal because of my spiritual connection.

Again these are easy simple tips you can start doing right now to love yourself more. If you’re at work go in the lady’s room and say I love you in the mirror. No need to wait until you get home to watch an inspirational show when you have Netflix and Hulu on your phone.

No more excuses! Start loving yourself NOW!!

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3 Books to Help Improve Your Self-Awareness

Constantly and consistently we harp on self-awareness because it’s the key to the success you want in life. Period. Without self-awareness you’ll continue to wonder this great wonderful world lost and confused.

During the month of June, we went in-depth about Discovering Your Truth. Additionally, you learned how Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah, and Beyonce all list self-awareness as the pillar to their success.

But if you’re still not convinced about self-awareness leading to your true happiness because people will judge you, here are few books to help.

“I Can’t Make This Up” by Kevin Hart


This is a hilarious heartfelt recollection of Kevin’s journey to the success we’re witnessing today. In his book, he states word for word that self-awareness is how he was able to succeed. Actually, he learned early in the beginning of his career that being himself will lead him to the success he desired.

“I AM NUMBER 8” by John W. Gray, III

Can you say Pastor, Comedian, and Singer all wrapped into one. John is the perfect example of how God gives multiple gifts to us. This book gave me the clarification on words God spoke to me a long time ago. Click here for more details. This is a must read to know exactly what God has instilled in you.

“Successful Women Speak Differently” by Valorie Burton

There is power in the tongue and you need to start believing it right now. Daily, I make an effort to speak life and not death in my marriage, career, business, and finances. But this book helped me to move to the next level of speaking life. More so, Valorie talked about different clients and their struggles that I related too. Once I implemented the tips in the book immediately there was a shift in my business.



Each of these books are found on audible.com. Listen to them while riding in your car, at the gym, grocery shopping, or relaxing in the tub. Make self-awareness your priority before making any life changing decisions or setting new goals. What’s the point in doing these things when they’re  not aligned with your Truth.


How to deal with Discouragement?

Discouragement will keep you hiding under the covers in your house never taking a chance on yourself. Why is that? It’s because of fear, failure, lack of patience, instant gratification, and envy to name a few reasons.

Just like anything else in life discouragement can last for a short while if you know what to do. Before diving into how to deal with discouragement let me tell you what NOT to do.

Do NOT blame someone else for feeling discouraged!

When you pass the blame on instead of dealing with it you’re giving someone else power of your life. The life you have was designed with you in mind so stay in control of it.


Now, let’s talk about how to deal with discouragement.

A great way to begin is to Refocus, Refresh, and Restart. There’s a change that needs to happen for clarity, peace of mind, and living in your Truth. You have to embrace that change for growth to happen.

Luckily for you we have a FREE 14 day Refocus, Refresh, Restart Challenge to help you move from discouragement to encouragement!

Another way to deal with discouragement is to re-read your favorite self-help book. Most times we read a great book one and that’s it. Pick it up again and again to get revitalized. Life throws obstacles our way every single day. The enemy is at work 24 hours a day so continue to feed your soul on a daily basis.

Last but not least, sign us for a Sister Coaching Session. As your Sister Coach it’s my job to make sure you stop existing and start living helping you to Discover, Define, and Live your Truth. Join our sisterhood today.

Let me know your tips for dealing with discouragement that are not listed above. This is a community of sharing with other like-minded women.


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3 Reasons Why Your Truth is so much Cooler

Social Media is this new phenomenon that everyone is trying to figure out. These days even our grandparents are starting to use Facebook and Instagram. This big world was made smaller once the internet became a “thing”.

Due to this, we’re able to share our lives with the world good and bad. For some of us more good than bad but that’s for another day.

Some people are living for that next like in order to feel accepted. Others are so obsessed with someone else’s social media life that their own lives are neglected. Oh wait, you caught “social media” life? Yeah that’s for another day too!

Well Sis if I just described you then we have some work to do. This is a sign that must Discover, Define, and Live your own Truth! Here’s why!

3 Reasons Why Your Truth is so Much Cooler!

Reason #1: Your gift was perfectly thought out and designed for you with you in mind. Special care went into choosing the perfect unique gift only you can deliver.

Reason #2: Your gift was given to you to specifically provide happiness, joy, and wealth beyond measure. Now that you know it’s time to start rocking your gifts!

Reason #3: No one else can do what you do in the same way as you. You are born with everything you need to succeed. If your gift is drawing then guess what you have the talent to draw a portrait freehand. It may need to master the skill but the skill is already in you.


Living a life that’s not meant for you is frustrating, waste of time, energy, and stupid. Let me stay real it’s down right stupid. Why waste your time mimicking Tamika when Tamika was born with the gift to sing. You were born with the gift to draw. So instead of trying to sing draw Tamika singing and sell the portrait to her!

Did that just sink in? Please tell me below it did. If it didn’t then click on the work with us tab above to sign up for your Sister Coaching Session, NOW!