Unchartered Territory: When everything is going wrong after leaping into the unknown

The very first major decision that changed my life forever was leaving my family. The decision wasn’t made lightly because living in Chicago made it a life or death decision. Literally. At the time, I was young and pretty fearless so taking chances wasn’t as difficult.

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Actually, I was very excited about leaving Chicago because there was so much to look forward too. I had no idea what would happen next but was willing to find out. All I knew is my siblings needed a role model they can look up to. But what came next threw me for a loop.

After all the excitement and stars left my eyes once I arrived in Atlanta, reality creeped in. Who knew I would get home sick. For the first time in life I missed my family and Chicago. Yes, I missed the city I longed to escape. It was all I knew for 18 years. However, going back wasn’t an option.

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The main motivator to stay in Atlanta was my “why”. Of course at the time I had no idea that’s what it was called. It was my mission as a big sister to become successful for my siblings.

Maybe you’re in a place trying to hold on to the courage to keep going when everything is going wrong.

If so here are a few key tips to keep going when the odds are stacked against you.

  1. Put yourself first every single day. When you give up you’re literally letting yourself down. You’re telling,no, showing yourself that you’re not brave enough to go through the fire. Stop beating yourself up by quitting every single time the road gets rough. Choose the person that you see when you look in the mirror every day. This way the person who looks back knows there’s at least one person rooting for their success.
  2. Remember why you’re going through the “struggle” in the first place. I know it sounds cliche but your “why” is a powerful tool that is under utilized. When your why is strong and tied to your purpose it will give you the energy needed to fight another day. Take the time to sit and really ponder over your “why” and revisit it on a daily basis. There’s no need to wait until trouble happens. Let’s do preventive maintenance daily to build resiliency.
  3. Take inventory of what you already conquered in the midst of the struggle. It’s funny how hard times fall upon us and we get amnesia. All of sudden we forget about all the other troubles that we were able to defeat with grace and leaning on our faith. Well this current situation is no different. Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve already handled then put your combat boots on and go to war.

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Do it Afraid!

When you know something different needs to happen you must follow your gut and do it afraid. There are only two guarantees in life: paying taxes and death. Sad but very true reality. Since there are no guarantees some people make the decision to settle for safe. Settling for safe means never living to your full potential or exploring all the wonders that’s waiting to get discovered.

Personally my journey of growth and maturity was filled with taking lots of chances and betting on the unknown. Every single decision I made was made while being afraid. Afraid of many things like: living in the ghetto, never gradutating from college, being a failure in my mother’s eyes, or never reaching success.

Following my gut and walking afraid is how none the aforementioned fears occured. Do more of trusting your gut and doing it afraid.

3 reasons why to always follow your gut

  1. It’s the inner voice that helps us to make the tough decisions or prevent us overlooking an obvious solution to an issue.
  2. There will come a time when you’ll seek answers that your gut can help you find. My gut feeling to leave Chicago was the best decision because it put me on the path to living in my truth.
  3. The tools you need to succeed are already in you and your gut give you the nudge needed to really tap into your power.

We’re all afraid of something. There will always be something to fear. But it’s our decision to move past fear or just let it take over our life. Not sure what your decision is but I choose to do everything in life afraid.

Once you make the choice to live your life afraid, sign up for Sister Coaching sessions. The journey doesn’ have to be lonely, difficult, or frustrating because it’s my job to make sure you have the tools and the motivationed needed.





Unchartered Territory: Leap

When faced with a difficult decision or a scary opportunity it’s best to leap without thinking. That’s exactly what I did when an old family friend told me to pick a college to attend and he’ll complete the application and FAFSA for me. Easily, I could have said never mind or picked a college down the street. But for some reason I always dreamed about living in Georgia. No idea what city just in the state of Georgia. One of my very best friends helped me pick the perfect college for me, Clark Atlanta University (CAU).

At the time I’ve never heard of CAU. Spellman was the well known college I knew about but my grades wouldn’t afford me that opportunity. HA! Then my bestie suggested CAU and after some research into the school I decided to go for it.

As I think on that time, leaving Minnesota for Atlanta was a first of many firsts for me. It was the first time on a plane, leaving my family, in another state, living on my own with no family or friends close by. If an emergency happened in Atlanta, my mom would have to scrape up money for a bus ticket. The bus trip one way was 25 hours! Can you imagine being on a bus that long knowing your child is in danger? Ponder on that for a second.

Despite the odds and the unknown that was against me, I took the leap. It was by far the best decision I’ve made. The trip to Georgia turned into a love for travel. At the time, you couldn’t keep me grounded for long because I wanted to visit new places all the time.

You’re probably wondering how did I get over the fear and just leap. Well this may sound cliche but my “why” was bigger than me. It was my goal in life to become an example of success for my siblings and pass the secret on how to achieve it. At the time that was my “why” despite not knowing the “technical” term for it.


Once in Atlanta and attending CAU, I made a promise to myself to never say shoulda, woulda, coulda. This was my way of never regretting a decision I either did or did not make. Taking the leap to leave for Atlanta gave me a taste of what it’s like to dabble in the unknown. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to bad and I learned quickly there’s a whole new world ready and waiting for me to discover it.

Are you faced with a decision and afraid to take the leap? If so, I challenge you to stop overthinking and just go for it. You’ll never regret the decision to take action but you’ll definitely kick yourself for doing nothing.

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Uncharted Territory: That Gut Feeling

Every now and then I get a gut feeling when something is wrong or when to move in a particular direction. For us women, it’s called intuition and frankly we need to listen to it more often. Surely  you can think of a time when your gut told you to go left but you went right only to discover that going left was the better option. Boy oh boy, I’ve definitely been there a time or two.


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There’s a time I can remember having the strongest gut feeling in my life but listening to intuition meant crossing over into unchartered territory. The memory is so vivid that it seems only yesterday. My gut feeling was strong and it told me to leave my home!  

It was right after high school before going off to college. The last few years prior to graduation was totally unrecognizable by the time graduation happened. After graduating I remember my surprise celebration party. My mom and siblings had already left Chicago Heights (the Heights) and moved to Minnesota. At the time I was living with my best friend and her family for the last year of high school. During the celebration I remember my God-mother asking me when was the last time I seen my sister Kenya. At the time it was years since I last saw her but the question struck me oddly. Up until that point no one had asked me that before or seemed concerned about the last time I seen her.

Well later on that night I found out that my sister was murdered and she was eight months pregnant. This news totally took me by surprise and knocked the wind out of me. discouragementWords cannot describe the feelings that came over me. It was her death that caused my gut to kick in high gear to get me to leave the Heights for good. The feeling was so strong that I started to feel suffocated every moment I lived there after her death. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that staying in the Heights meant I would die too. It meant that I needed to leave and become the example of success my younger siblings needed in their lives.

But leaving the Heights, my family, and my “normal” was scary because I had no idea what the world had in store for me. All I knew is that I had to go. Yes, moving to Minnesota to reunite with my mother was an option but I didn’t feel it was the right option. I needed to face the unknown in order to find and grab on to success. In my mind, this was the only way to keep my siblings alive. By giving them hope that we do not have to succumb to the violence that polluted the projects.

When the opportunity for a fresh start arose I jumped on it scared to death. Leaving my family behind to move to Atlanta was the scariest, hardest, freeing, courageous thing I’ve done in my life. Listening to my gut and leaving the Heights behind was the best decision not only for me but my family as well.

What’s your gut telling you to do right now? Are you afraid to step out into the unknown? If so why? What’s the worst case scenario?

For more help with the unknown and having the courage to listen to your gut sign up for one on one Sister Coaching.


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It’s your time to shine

Can you believe it’s September already? Nine months have literally flown by. Some of you may not have any idea where the time has gone because you fell into the same rut as last year. Then there are a select few of you who are killing it with crushing goals and devouring fear. To you I say, “you rock”. For my other sisters I say, “it’s your time to shine”.

It’s so easy to stay in the normal routine because you can do it with your eyes closed. Embarking on a new career change, making new friends, or even ending a soul sucking relationship requires too much work and the one thing you may despise: starting over. 

Starting over is not as hard as you think and it can get a bad rep sometimes. Look at it as a way to refocus, refresh, and simply restart. It’s the reset button we tend to think doesn’t exist. But it does exist. 


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None of us will get “it” right the first time around or the second we step outside the box. Trust me it’s ok to get it wrong because through the trial and error resilience, confidence, and courage are built. These are the building blocks for having the life you truly deserve and want.

So how do you make it your time to shine?

  1. By making the decision and sticking to it.
  2. By giving yourself permission to fail to break the mental chains holding you back.
  3. By saying to yourself “I am enough” every time doubt creeps up in your thoughts.
  4. By surrounding yourself around like minded individuals who going in your direction.
  5. By being willing to learn the lessons that are designed to sharpen your talent and skills.
  6. By making enough space in your life for change to happen so growth can begin.
  7. By doing the hard work of planting seeds that will grow in the next season of your life.

Not so hard right? Clear as mud?

Honestly, each one of these tasks seem very easy to me because I have confidence and faith in my gifts. You may not have reached that point yet and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you can’t follow through with all seven tasks so you can shine.

Oh and guess what else. It’s not too late to get started even though I harped on the fact that we’re nine months into this year. It’s never too late to get started on your goals. Don’t find yourself on your deathbed saying shoulda, woulda, coulda. The time is now to get started living the life that was designed specifically for you.

If you need help gaining clarity and building confidence join me for my free seminar on Oct. 10th. Click the image for more details.

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Are you really listening to God?

You know sometimes we can get real hardheaded and stubborn. We don’t want to listen to sound advice that’s delivered with the best intentions. Or we choose to go in the wrong direction when it’s clear that a new direction is required.

These are behaviors we all possess and done more often than not. When we land in a place with no idea how we got there we’re looking to blame everyone else instead of self.

Answers to life’s questions and quests are what we seek but only if the answer is what we want. In order to have what’s already been deemed yours, you have to drop the ego. You must make yourself humbled enough to listen and learn. This is a lesson that we all must learn including me.

No I’m not exempt and it’s a lesson I tend to flunk every now and then. But this time I stopped, listened, and trusted. Why? Because I’m in a different season in my life and my desires are bigger than my imagination. In this season of my life, I have more at risk and a family of my own. I have a husband and future children depending on me. It’s time for me to learn to listen.

Check out the video below for the whole story. This time around it was time for me to stop and listen. I know it will turn into a testimony but I couldn’t wait to share my story. You are probably ignoring your spiritual voice telling you to step into the unknown right now. But fear is holding you back. It’s time to let go.


Tell me below the lesson you keep failing so we can work through it.


Join me for a live Sister Peptalk on how to gain clarity and build confidence in every area of your life.

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The Importance of Accepting Your Flaws

Flaws, flaws, flaws! Why are we so obsessed with what’s “wrong” with ourselves? Why are we are not focusing more on the great qualities that we have? Why do we think that our “flaws” are something to get embarrassed about instead of embracing them. Why not embrace your flaws in order to fully walk in the purpose that was designed specifically for you?

It’s important to embrace our flaws for preventing stagnation and moving forward. The more we know, understand, and accept about ourselves the less we want what someone else has. Being grateful for what you have and your talents and strengths helps you to stay on your path to purpose.

Why it’s important to not only accept your flaws but fall in love with them….

Falling in love with your flaws takes courage and it’s worth it. The more you accept yourself the less self doubt you have. The less ammunition someone has to kill your joy or self-esteem. No one on this beautiful green earth is perfect. No matter how perfect we make someone in our head, she still has flaws that are hidden from the world.

The best way to release yourself from the grips of other’s opinions is to embrace your flaws honey! Hands down no lie no joke!! When you finally mustard up the courage stand in your truth you’ll lose at least 10 lbs. Ten pounds of fear, dreams, opinions, and struggles imposed on you by other people. Who said it was ok for someone to pass their baggage to you? Better question, who told you to hold on to it? Give it back NOW so you can take back your life and start living without limits.

If you need help giving someone back their baggage then sign up for a Sister Coaching session. It’s my job to make sure you have the tools needed to live your best life now.

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How to be Authentic Online 4 Tips on Being You Online

No matter how you slice it or dice it the internet is here to stay. It’s becoming more and more apart of our way of life. Future Woodard babies will only know the internet and live their life online. Who you are online is just as important as who you are in person.

For starters, once something is online it’s there forever. It’s imperative that we’re cognizant of our online persona. Additionally, we must teach future generations how to present themselves online instead of treating online activity as taboo.

Simple, simple tips on how to be authentic online in order to build communities and have a positive impact on the world.

Self Awareness

Know who you are and fall in love with that person. This will help you stay true to yourself and not pick up other’s personalities. The perfect course to help you with this is my Discover Your Truth Course. Click the picture below for more info.

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Be the same person offline online

Who you are in this moment is enough and worthy to have a platform online. If it takes longer than someone else to build your community that’s OK. It should take a while to build your community because you want a community that will support you for the long haul.

Transparency builds connection

This is how you become relatable to others by sharing your personal experiences.We’re alike in so many ways but how would your community know that if you don’t share it. Now I’m not saying air out your dirty laundry but there’s a way to do it tactfully without causing embarrassment.

Share your passion online

You’re the most authentic when talking and doing what you’re passionate about. Trying to do what Tamika does online is hard because 1. You’re not passionate about it and 2 it makes you seem fake. There’s 7 billion people, give or take, on this planet I promise someone has the same interests as you so stick to what you love.

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Stop caring about what the naysayers think

No matter what you do someone will always have something negative to say. So you might as well be just be you and give them something juicy to talk about.


Do you have anything to add to this list? If so leave your comment below so we can continue the conversation.


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Are You a Proverbs 31 Business Woman?

The only goal on my vision board for this year is “God’s will”. That’s it because all I want is for God’s will for my life to manifest. In order to stay proactive so His will can manifest in life I’ve made a conscious decision to do things differently along my spiritual journey.

Two main practices I’ve implemented  are meditation and daily devotionals. Meditation and spiritual devotionals have done wonders for keeping me in a positive mindset and attracting positivity into my life and business.

The devotion plan that really resonated with me was the “31 Days to More Faithful Work”. This devotional talks about how a Businesswoman is portrayed according to Proverbs 31. It simply broke down some verses in Proverbs 31 and translated them into business terminology we can understand today.

Here are three translations that stood out to me:

Proverbs 31:16 She considers a field and buys it;

Translation: She does a market assessment and invests.

Proverbs 31:16 Out of her earnings she plants a vineyard

Translation: She makes a profit and reinvests. She sees that her trading is profitable, she keeps books and manages cash flow.

Proverbs 31:24   She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.

Translations: She has set up a supply chain.

It amazed me how instructions on how to live as a Wife and Businesswoman of noble character was all in the same verse. The answers we seek are there waiting for us to discover them but we must search with intention.

This further explains that we all have a calling that includes being of service to each other. If for any reason confusion sets in Proverbs 31 is the place to get the clarity needed on how to move forward.

You can find these translations and others by studying the “31 Days to More Faithful Work” devotional.

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3 Books to Help Improve Your Self-Awareness

Constantly and consistently we harp on self-awareness because it’s the key to the success you want in life. Period. Without self-awareness you’ll continue to wonder this great wonderful world lost and confused.

During the month of June, we went in-depth about Discovering Your Truth. Additionally, you learned how Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah, and Beyonce all list self-awareness as the pillar to their success.

But if you’re still not convinced about self-awareness leading to your true happiness because people will judge you, here are few books to help.

“I Can’t Make This Up” by Kevin Hart


This is a hilarious heartfelt recollection of Kevin’s journey to the success we’re witnessing today. In his book, he states word for word that self-awareness is how he was able to succeed. Actually, he learned early in the beginning of his career that being himself will lead him to the success he desired.

“I AM NUMBER 8” by John W. Gray, III

Can you say Pastor, Comedian, and Singer all wrapped into one. John is the perfect example of how God gives multiple gifts to us. This book gave me the clarification on words God spoke to me a long time ago. Click here for more details. This is a must read to know exactly what God has instilled in you.

“Successful Women Speak Differently” by Valorie Burton

There is power in the tongue and you need to start believing it right now. Daily, I make an effort to speak life and not death in my marriage, career, business, and finances. But this book helped me to move to the next level of speaking life. More so, Valorie talked about different clients and their struggles that I related too. Once I implemented the tips in the book immediately there was a shift in my business.



Each of these books are found on audible.com. Listen to them while riding in your car, at the gym, grocery shopping, or relaxing in the tub. Make self-awareness your priority before making any life changing decisions or setting new goals. What’s the point in doing these things when they’re  not aligned with your Truth.