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3 Takeaways from You Are A Badass

Recently, I posted suggestions for my next audible book and you guys were on it. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero was suggested and highly recommended. This book/audible was not new to me because it has come up in many searches on self-help or personal development books. Since a fellow IG follower suggested it, I decided to give it a try. Plus, the book is read by the author which always makes listening more enjoyable.

Frankly, after listening to audible’s sample of the book I decided to pass on it. Despite the author reading the book, it still sounded dry. No the author sounded very dry which caused me to pass on it at least three times. Yes, I listened to the summary three times to decide on purchasing the audible. Since it was highly recommended from a follower I hit the purchase button. What’s the point of giving me suggestions if I don’t take them right?!

Well to my surprise I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the book despite the dryness in the author’s voice. So many gems were dropped that I started listening to the book a second time. Yes, a second time but this time I plan to add more bookmarks for quick reference to favorite parts.

So if you are on the fence with purchasing the book or audible let me help you out.

Check out my 3 Takeaways from You Are A Badass

There’s no time like NOW!

LIfe is too short to wait for the perfect opportunity. Something will always come up to distract you from your goal. In the book, Jen tells the story of her client that decided to start a business. As soon as the decision was made life happened that included a car accident and layoff. Her client could have let these unforeseen yet heartbreaking circumstances stop him but he didn’t. He stuck to his dream and now living happily.


A new definition for Risk is “FulFillment”

The way risk is viewed will determine the level of fulfillment in life. The more risks taken the more happiness is achieved. In the book, Jen talks about starting a band with her best friend and little brother. Her role in the band was to play the guitar. Well the kicker is she NEVER had a guitar lesson in her life! The day she decided to start a band was pretty much when she picked up the guitar. Despite her lack of skill, she kept pressing forward and landed a major deal with Columbia Records. Can you believe that?


Money is not the enemy

This concept was learned before reading the book but wanted to mention it just in case you were clueless. We have so many negative notions about money that has affected us consciously and subsciously our entire life. Have you heard of these beliefs: money doesn’t grow on trees, this money is burning a hole in my pocket, more money more problems. Of course you recognize these negative mantras we say over and over again. You Are A Badass really helped to bring it home that there is nothing wrong with wanting money and lots of it! Money doesn’t define me, it’s not the root of my happiness BUT it’s a necessity that I shouldn’t feel bad about wanting.

These takeaways really helped me to move to the next level mentally because I fight mental blocks just like you. This book was awesome and highly, highly recommend you read it. For whatever reason you are not satisfied with the book simply return it. It’s really easy to return and get credit for audibles you don’t enjoy.

However, if you’ve read the book let me know your thoughts and how it helped you below!


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Podcast: The New Radio | My 3 Favs

If you’re following me across social media then you already know that I love audible books. Hands down audible is my fav app on my phone. But these days, podcasts are really becoming more and more popular. Recently, I’ve discovered a few podcasts that’s really helping to keep me in a positive mental space.

Starting with this blog post, I’m going to share some of my favorite podcasts that you’ll love as well. The first podcast to share is Fill the Cup, of course, with my new friend Kendra.

Fill The Cup Podcast: Kendra Moorer

Fill The Cup Podcast serves a HOT cup of inspiration, news, and candid discussions that are meant to provoke change! Make sure to have an empty cup when you listen to receive motivation from Kendra

My favorite episode


Behind The Brilliance: Lisa Nicole Bell

Behind The Brilliance is a weekly podcast that blends Lisa’s inspiring and funny musings with conversations with some of the world’s most creative and inspiring people.

My favorite episode


Happy Black Woman: Rosetta Thurman

The Happy Black Woman podcast is the only show that is designed to empower black women to transform their lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. Each episode provides motivation and inspiration to create a life of happiness, success, and freedom. This podcast is especially for black women who want to build a successful location-independent business doing what they love so that they can quit their job and finally have the freedom to travel the world.

My favorite episode

These are just three of my favorite podcasts discovered in the last month. Take some time to listen to the episodes I’ve suggested. Each podcast has many episodes to keep you listening until month’s recommendations. If you have a podcast to suggest please leave in the comment section below.



mental health

Mental Health Awareness Month | Depression

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’ll like to ask a small favor of you which is explained in the video below. This blog/video is inspired by the different stories of suicide across the country. Furthermore, our fellow sisters and brothers are using FB live to commit these acts.

There are many different mental illnesses and we should bring light to them all. However, I’ll like to focus on depression. Unfortunately, I had a short bout with depression back in college. During that time a lot of things were going on in my life. Also, I was away from home, family, and what was considered “normal” for me. Going off to college is usually a happy time, for most, but I left home during a rough period.

Needless to say, I carried many burdens and held on to unhealthy guilt that caused my depression. Luckily for me, I quickly made friends with some amazing women that helped me without knowing they helped me. We are all on this earth fighting the enemy together and it’s important to become someone else’s hero to save their life.

Being a hero requires very little effort but “life” is so busy and fast paced that slowing down simply doesn’t happen. This is my plea to you please slow down and take a moment to refocus your attention on someone else.  A simple smile, hello, or short visit can really turn someone’s day around. Most time a person in need is just waiting for a sign, any sign, that they’re loved, appreciated, and needed.



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How to Enjoy Life: Stop what you’re doing NOW and read!!

Happiness is EVERYTHING! Last month my husband and I lived out our childhood dream and went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. O.M.G.! Can you say kids in a candy store?!

We had so much fun and the vacation was definitely needed. Hours before going to the airport, I shot a video called “You have to Lose to Gain”. The video was inspired because I took a second to take in the moment. Not only was I living a childhood dream but the experience was happening with my husband. The video is below if you want to check it out.

Life happens and it happens at a fast pace. It’s already May graduation season so time is waiting for no one. With that said, we must take a moment to stop and enjoy life. For me, my husband helped me to stop and smell the roses. Being with him made slowing down feel right and I became happy to do it.

When was the last time you took a moment to enjoy life? You know the little things that makes “it” better. The challenge of the day is to do the one thing you’ve put off for the last month. Please make sure to take photos and tag us on social media using #asisterstruth because we love your photos.

Now you’re probably thinking there’s too many items on your to-do list preventing you from having fun. Right?! Well it’s time to re-evaluate that to-do list. Your mental, physical, and emotional health is important to you and your family. We, yes we, need you at your greatest which is when you’re the healthiest and happiest.

However, I’m a realist so when there’s no time for fun then at least do a “brain dump”. What’s a brain dump? So glad you asked! A brain dump is when you take the time to just be still in order to quiet your mind for clarity and focus.

The best part about a brain dump is that you can do it in only 2 minutes. If you have more time to spare like 5-10 minutes even better. There are many things you can do but I suggest keeping the activity simple.

Here are few of my recommendations:

  1. Enjoying an adult coloring book. You can find the coloring books and pencils at the dollar store.
  2. Doodling on a piece of paper. When was the last time you tapped into your creative side.
  3. Meditation and/or prayer. There’s always time for a spiritual reconnection
  4. Knitting or weaving


Leave a comment telling us your favorite way to refocus. Enjoy the vlog!



Fill The Cup Podcast: Procrastination: Dream Killer

As you may already know, my theme for 2017 is “doing things differently”. This year I vowed to do the opposite of what the 2016 would do in decision-making. This is my effort to continue moving forward in my business since 2016 ended on a high.

The goal was to avoid getting stuck or wondering what’s next. The best way to grow is to change. With that said, I decided to change some things up and start “asking” more. This simple but scary decision to start “asking” more landed me with 3 Podcast interviews this year so far. Amazing right?!

Today, I’m featured on Fill the Cup (FTC) Podcast with Kendra Moorer of Moorer Media.

FTC Podcast serves a HOT cup of inspiration,news, and candid discussions that are meant to provoke change! You know we’re all about change at AST!

April was all about Goal Digging on FTC and Kendra ends the discussion with yours truly. We’re talking about procrastination: why we do it; how to beat it; and lessons to learn from it.

It’s my pleasure to have you check out my interview and let me know what you think. While there go ahead and follow her podcast. Kendra is a wonderful person. We clicked instantly as we talked outside of the interview. We definitely plan to work together in the future.

This podcast interview is the perfect example of how a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. You must speak up for yourself because no one else will. You must ask for what you want because it won’t fall in your lap. You must take action in order to move forward. You must change something up in order to grow. Get the point?

If not then sign up for a Sister Coaching session so we can help you discover your greatness because it’s already in you!

Coming up:


You have to Lose in order to Gain

During this sister conversation we’re going to talk about how you must lose to gain. In order to gain the life you want you have to let go of some stuff.

Now change or letting go is never easy especially when we’re used to our old ways. But your old ways is not going to provide new experiences so something must change.

Since I know change is hard today you’ll get 3 reasons why you should lose some stuff to gain the prosperity, freedom, or self-confidence you’re looking for.

Those 3 reasons are:

  1. change needs to happen;
  2. you have a purpose to fulfill; and
  3. you’re healed

Now these are only 3 reasons why you need to let some stuff, people, hurt, or love ones go in your life. However, I really wanted to harp on these reasons because they are very common.  As always, I’m sharing with you 3 real life experiences to really bring home my point.

The goal here is to motivate you to change because with change there’s growth. You need to know that we all had to experience change in order to move on the next level in our lives. After this video you’ll know exactly why change is so pivotal to improving your life!

Think about it everything and everybody goes through a process of change and you are no different. The perfect example is a new born baby. Babies grow and “change” every single day! Every day they’re changing, growing into their own person. So why you should stop changing if change promotes growth.

Listen to the video to find out why!

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You are Enough and your Truth is beautiful!

get out

Are you in a sunken place? Get Out!

The topic of this sister conversation was pulled from the movie Get Out. If you’ve seen the movie then you get it.

Today I’m helping you to get out of that sunken place. There are some of you out there that let an experience, event, and/or person put you in a  place of discourage and self doubt. Now your dreams and ambitions are on the back burner.

Before we get started with this exercise get your journals and favorite pen so you can follow along.

The first thing I want you to do sit and think back to the exact moment that caused you to throw in the towel. Did somebody say something negative, laugh at you, say your idea was stupid? Whatever it was figure it out and then write it down.

Next, I want you to write out why that moment was so monumental or that person has so much influence to cause a shift in your actions.

OK, now you have identified and acknowledge the cause for your discouragement. Next you need to write out how you will avoid the same situation, person or circumstance next time. Yes, it will happen again!

For example, you have a desire to travel to Germany because for some reason the country interests you. Finally, you get up the courage to start recruiting for the trip but instead of excitement you get crazy stares and responses. Now what, do you throw your idea away? Absolutely not, you keep going until you find someone or join a travel group. Why deprive yourself of a once in a lifetime experience?

The final step is to repeat this exercise the next time you’re in a sunken place. These tips are simple and easy to implement. Life is too short not to chase your dreams because someone else is too afraid and projecting their fears on you.

Get Out now and go Be Great!


You are enough and your Truth is beautiful

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Don’t Count Out Your Comeback

Now based on the title alone you should have received a breakthrough or at least shouted with joy. Heck, I know that’s what I did! At first look it means that your breakthrough is coming so that current issue/problem will not last long. Now have you shouted?

Everyone who knows me know that I’m addicted to youtube. When I need to stay in a positive mental place, sermons are one of my tools of choice. Fortunately, sermons are uploaded to youtube for all to enjoy. My favorite pastor/bishop to listen to is TD Jakes.

On this particular day when scrolling through my subscriptions Toure Roberts with One Church LA popped up. Normally, I’ll watch Sarah Jakes Roberts sermons religiously. Yet, the title of his sermon stood out to me and instantly I knew it would bless me. With that said as your Sister Coach it’s my job to pass along this video so you can received a blessing as well.

Truly, I”m in business to help you win because when you win I win. We all win! Take the time to put your headphones on and listen to the sermon. Then below leave a comment and let’s continue the discussion. Let’s talk about how we plan to get excited about our comeback and not count it out.




Well how was the sermon? Let me ask you a question.

Do you have a desire deep in your belly trying to catch fire? Instead of taking that first step into the unknown, you decide it’s better to play it safe. But look how far “playing it safe” has gotten you. Let’s start down the road less traveled together by booking here; your FREE Sister Pep Talk to start your journey to clarity and self awareness.

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You are Enough and your Truth is beautiful


Happiness: 3 Tips to turn your Day Around

Most days are harder than others because there’s so much evil in the world and happiness fades easily. We’re distracted by so many different things that can have a negative impact on our mental capacity. When life gets too heavy it starts a downward spiral and now we’re having a bad day.

What if I told you in an instant  you can turn your day around? There are simple tools to use for having a success day that will turn into a rich fulfilling life.

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings

– Dave Weinbaum

First thing in the morning when you open your eyes repeat this simply affirmation: today is a good day. Take a deep breathe inhale through your nose then out through your mouth and say, “today is a good day”. Instantly, those four simple words changes the trajectory of your day by prepping your mindset in a positive way.

With all the “orderly chaos” in the world it’s hard to stay present in the moment and enjoy what’s around you. A great way to become present with the moment is to simply smile. That’s right just smile for no reason. If you need a reason to smile then think about the last time you laughed with your significant other. Sometimes, I just bust out in belly laugh thinking back to the night before acting goofy with my husband. When you smile it’s harder to stay upset or angry. Try it! happiness

Not sure what part of the world you live in but here in Texas traffic is a BEAST sometimes. Let me tell you road rage is REAL people! Literally, I’ve seen someone throw a cup out of her window and the car next to her. But I digress, for a more enjoyable ride in traffic listen to an audible book. A motivational book while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic will really put you in a positive mental space.


You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Hopefully, these tips are so simple that you have done at least one of them before finishing the end of the blog post. Having a positive attitude and attracting positivity is not rocket science. It doesn’t take huge effort or lots of money just a little intention and desire for zeal.



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3 Steps to Overpowering Fear

Let’s talk about that crazy word “fear” again. Why do we spend so much time on fear? The reason why, fear is a part of life and will never go away. It’s the tool used to make sure we’re avoiding forceable dangers. Unfortunately, fear doesn’t have the ability to decipher when a situation is harmful.

This is why there’s so many different articles, blogs, books on handling fear. With that said this blog is no different from the rest and we’re going to discuss how to overpower it. Yes, overpower and not eliminate because fear will last the test of time. The trick is to change your mindset and use it as a tool for success.

Here are 3 steps to overpowering fear for advancing to the next level in any area of your life.

Step 1: Acknowledgement

The first step to overpowering fear is to simply acknowledge that you’re fearful. Do this by simply saying it out loud, writing it down, or confiding to a close friend. Despite your method of acknowledgement, once the light shines on it the fear you’re having is immediately diminished. Automatically, you’ll ask yourself “why am I so fearful of…” which is the perfect transition to the next step.

Step 2: Worst Case Scenario

Once you ask and answer the question mentioned above it’s time to write out the worst case scenario. Take the time to explore then write out the worst that can happen if you were to move past fear and take action anyway. Let me tell you writing out the worst case really puts things into perspective. Quickly you’ll realize that the worst case is really not the worst case!

Step 3: Reflection

As mentioned before fear is a part of life which means that it pops up all the time. That thing you’re fearful of right now is not your first time dealing with it. So think back to the last time you kicked fears butt. Of course you remember the last time you were to afraid to (fill in the blank) and you did it anyway. Afterwards, to your surprise you survived and didn’t die! I’m willing to bet that you were so happy that you took action and (fill in the blank). As a result, you had a confidence boost. Did I hit the nail on the head?

These 3 simple steps to overpowering fear are easy to remember, simple to follow, and adaptable to any situation. All it takes is courage and the willingness to do something different.

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“A rising tide lifts all boats” JFK

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