Sister Coaching is for the woman who has it all but still feels empty. She’s accomplished every goal, moved up the corporate ladder, great credit score, hubby prospect on deck, yet, is still frustrated with life. If I’ve described you then you’re in the right place. LaKitia is not just a personal development coach but a sister who will get down in the trenches with you to uncover your purpose. LaKitia will provide you what a sister will: the hard truth that you don’t want to face but need most wrapped in motivation and tied with an inspirational bow. There’s value in Sister Coaching because LaKitia shares her testimony for encouragement and building resilience.

Sister Coaching can empower you to:

  • Fall in love and embrace your flaws and imperfections for a life full of joy and happiness
  • Uncover your purpose and calling in order to start living and stop existing
  • Build confidence to walk in your truth and ignore unwanted perceptions
  • Burst through mindset blocks that is causing you to procrastinate which leads to sabotaging your success
  • Destroy destructive patterns that can lead you to make poor choices that are not aligned with your values
  • Overcome fear to pursue new opportunities for truly living a courageous life without limits
  • Realize your greatest potential in order to open up and receive your blessings for advancing to the next stage of your life
  • Create and commit to a personalized daily routine for creating and maintaining a healthy positive mindset
  • Unlock the courage to embrace your difference for clarity on setting goals aligned with your authentic self

Sister Coaching Packages:

life coach


My Truth is...



My sessions went wonderful honestly. I was able to put some things into perspective while making plans for the future. I feel like you already know what you need to do in a sense. But if you're someone like me you need a little push and someone to put things into perspective sometimes. Through my sessions I found strength and courage to go out and do the things needed. I just needed someone to remind me I really could do it. ~Shada


My coach was honest and open with me about my fears which were getting in the way of my book writing. It was  good to have the truth revealed to me with love. My coach has been a blessing to me in my book writing journey. I highly recommend A Sister's Truth to anyone who requires a honest approach. ~Rev. O'Neal


I really enjoyed speaking with you! You really pushed and challenged me to go deep within myself and discover my worth which has led me to start building confidence. I am slowly realizing that I can not compare myself to others but it is easier said than done. Often times people tell me that they enjoy seeing what I do and that I have been successful but I would normally brush it off or not believe them, however when you made me list out all of my experiences and accomplishments I started to feel more confident during our session. I know that building confidence will not come over night, but I need to start believing in myself and business more and more each day.

~ Kaylon - K. Benai Event Planning/Design  -