life coachHey Sis, I’m LaKitia your Sister Coach and the founder of A Sister’s Truth (AST). As your Sister Coach it’s my job to help you Discover, Define, & Live Your Truth for manifesting a courageous life without limits. Now you’re probably wondering what exactly is a “Sister Coach”. Right?


Well a Sister Coach is like your blood sister. We’re linked by our common life experiences. It’s my life experiences I use to educate and motivate my clients to live in their truth by being their authentic self. So you’re not just getting a life coach but a Sister who will get down in the trenches with you and help you burst through mindset blocks and turn common struggles into triumphs. At the same time, sharing my own wins and lessons learned to helps you tap into your personal power. With that said, I give my clients what you’ll get from a sister: the hard truth they don’t want to hear or face.


Psst what does this chick know or experienced about life that she can share with me?

Sis, I’m so glad you asked. Let me say this I’ve seen, experienced, and conquered some adversities that literally caused others to take their own life.


Here’s my short story:

Born and raised in drug infested projects overrun by gangs in Chicago Hts, IL to a single teenage mom living on welfare. If that wasn’t enough I was sexually abused for 8 years by my drug-addicted stepfather. As you can see the odds were stacked against me for sure. But I turned those odds into motivation to become the first in my family to graduate from life coachcollege and obtain a MBA Global Management; become a Survivor of sexual abuse and speaker to bring awareness; entrepreneur and now the first author in my family as well.

My journey to purpose has been a long hard road.  I know how it feels to reach every milestone, achieve every goal, and beat every odd and still feel empty and confused. You have no idea why because you have surpassed every expectation and living “a good life”. So, why now is there confusion and emptiness? The answer is really simple: You are not living your truth!

If you’re tired of just existing and ready to live the life that was created specifically for you, then I’m here to journey with you!

I will help you:

  • Fall in love and embrace your flaws and imperfections for a life full of joy and happiness
  • Uncover your purpose and calling in order to start living and stop existing
  • Build confidence to walk in your truth and ignore unwanted perceptions 
  • Burst through mindset blocks that is causing you to procrastinate which leads to sabotaging your success
  • Destroy destructive patterns that can lead you to make poor choices that are not aligned with your values.
  • Overcome fear to pursue new opportunities for truly living a courageous life without limits
  • Realize your greatest potential in order to open up and receive your blessings for advancing to the next stage of your life


So, if you’re ready to finally manifest a courageous life without limits then let’s connect!



life coach

LaKitia Woodard, MBA is a born survivor, Speaker, Sister Coach, and Author empowering women on personal development. For over 10 years, she’s motivated and captivated women on embracing their difference to recognize their unique gifts. Her passion blossomed during her matriculation at Clark Atlanta University when she joined the group Youthful Survivors. She traveled with the group across the country speaking and sharing her story of surviving sexual abuse at different schools, non-profits, organizations, and churches.

During her career, she unmasked the ugly truth to most problems among women: lack of self-awareness. In order to solve this issue, she launched A Sister’s Truth (AST). AST is a Sister Coaching business helping women to Discover, Define, and Live their Truth for manifesting a courageous life without limits. As a Sister Coach, she provides women with the necessary tools and encouragement to stay true themselves for a purpose driven life. Additionally, as a motivational speaker, LaKitia teaches women the importance of accepting their flaws for personal growth and happiness. Her work as an author is to make a contribution to the world sharing techniques on how to gain clarity and build the confidence needed to walk in your truth.