From birth it was always inbred in you to reach for the stars to fall on the moon. It was your parent’s dream for you to become the first doctor, lawyer, or star athlete in the family. All your life that’s all you’ve ever known to do or worked towards. For as long as you could remember living out that dream for others has always brought joy to them and some happiness for you. Despite the deep desire or passion to travel in another direction, you decide being that lawyer, doctor, or athlete was the best decision; but best decision for who?

Some years later after reaching every milestone, achieving every goal, and simply over achieving you’re finding yourself empty and confused. You have no idea why because you have surpassed every expectation and crushed every goal set before you. Why now is there confusion and emptiness?

Maybe you’re the person wandering around with  no direction or clue on what you want. For years you’ve watched people around you get married, start a family, a businesses, travel around the world, the list goes on and on. But for you, everything is the same nothing has changed and there’s a desire deep in your belly trying to catch fire. Instead of taking that first step into the unknown, you decide it’s better to play it safe. But look how far “playing it safe” has gotten you. For all intensive purposes, your life is typical and maybe a little predictable but it’s a good life nonetheless. Well, why do you have the feeling that you have more to offer the world? Why all of a sudden the need to explore what life has to offer you?

We’ll tell you why and the answer is simple. You’re not Living Your Truth. A Sister’s Truth (AST) will help you attain the clarity you need to live the life that is meant for you. Many times the direction of our journey is determined by someone or something and we tend to not stray far from that path. It’s forbidden to walk off the laid out path of success even though it’s not the direction you should travel. We will help you to Stop Existing and Start Living by helping you to Discover, Define, and Live your Truth.

Surely you’re asking what does it mean to Discover, Define, and Live your Truth. What does that look like? Discovering your truth means to become aware of your true authentic self. Defining your truth means to identify exactly what gives your life meaning. Lastly, living your truth is being your authentic self by having the courage to accept and embrace all aspects of who you are.

Our  unique approach to coaching comes through our Sister relationship by making you, our fellow sister, accountable for your actions in a positive way. As your accountability partner, we’ll guide you through uncovering your truth; establishing goals based on your truth; and creating an action plan for achieving those goals while providing motivation needed to stay focus.

Let’s start down the road less traveled together by booking here; your FREE Sister Pep Talk to start your journey to clarity and self-awareness. Join our mailing list and connect with us across social media for daily encouragement to empower your dreams.

Now Meet Your Sister Coaches.




LaKitia Woodard is an ambassador of “Girl Power” possessing a passion for empowering women and holds a MBA Global Management. For over 10 years, she’s motivated and captivated women on personal development. Her passion blossomed during her matriculation at Clark Atlanta University when she joined the group Youthful Survivors traveling across country sharing her story of surviving sexual abuse.

During her career, she unmasked the ugly truth to most problems among women: lack of self-awareness. In order to solve this issue, she has joined forces with her sister and created A Sister’s Truth. AST is a sister coaching business for teaching women the importance of accepting their personal flaws to promote growth and happiness. These sister coaches inspire women to Discover, Define, and Live their Truth for a purpose driven life.






From a young age,  Bobbie Smith discovered that her success depended primarily on her own ability “to make it happen.” She learned early how to discover a need and find a solution; how to transform “ambition into action”; and how to give back more than you receive. These early discoveries enabled her to overcome years of internal defeat. Her career blossomed when she was hired at a luxury car company that allowed her an immense amount of growth professionally and personally. There she carried that same burning desire to succeed and help others which made her a success with one of the nation’s largest luxury car companies.

During her 6 years she moved up the ranks quickly in positions including: Service Cashier, Valet, Warranty Clerk, and Service Consultant. These positions gave her the opportunity to work with customers from all different walks of life. The influence she had on her customers got Bobbie to thinking, “if I can have such a positive impact on people society considered successful why not expand my efforts nationwide to help other women discover, define and live their truth”. This train of thought coupled with her frequent need to call upon her sister for advice to troubleshoot life’s challenges resulted in the birth of A Sister’s Truth.






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